Training and Seminars

Our Training and seminars are for all agents and not limited to Trade One Realty agents.

At Trade One Realty Brokerage we help you improve your performance by offering various training courses and seminars.

Register today for one of our seminar or training courses to boost your performance every day. 

Here is a list of some of our training courses and seminars. 

  • Introduction to real estate and day to day frequestly asked questions.
  • Introduction to and how to utilize tools in
  • How to work in the form section of
  • How to use and navigate search section of
  • Finance and Accounting
  • How to add a listing to
  • Project / File / agent / time Management & Strategic Planning
  • Improve Analytical Skills and ways how to do analytical searches
  • How to acquire new customer 
  • Communication Skills & Presentation Skills
  • Customer Service, how to present yourself and maintain a good quality service
  • Leadership Management and Supervisory Skills
  • Marketing & Strategic Planning
  • Office and Administrative Support
  • Thinking and Innovation
  • New Bylaws
  • New mortgage trends
  • Tips on how to stage the home for presentation (Sale)

How to choose the right brokerage

  • Commision splits
  • Martketing tools
  • Office support
  • Referral programs

Career as a real estate agent

  • Why you should choose become an agent
  • If you are interested in real estate profession we will guide you how to become one.
  • We provide tools and techniques to prepare for your exams. 












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